Peer Feedback and Reflection

As a part of this blog it was necessary to gain peer feedback and have them complete a marking rubric. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to critically reflect on what I had produced so far and what  improvements I could make.

Peer Feedback 1:

Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking Lisa Friend-1

I found the feedback on this rubric both constructive and positive. Positive comments were made in regards to the overall appearance of my blog and the content provided. However, it was mentioned that they lacked personal reflection. This was something I was a little concerned about before I posted my blog ‘public.’ I appreciated the advice of revisiting the reflective writing document and used this to make some necessary adjustments.

Grammar and punctuation were also mentioned as an area that I could improve on. This is not my strongest area, so I took my peers advice and read it out loud discovering quite a few simple errors.

Peer Feedback 2:

Lisa_Friend peer rubric

Again the feedback I received from this rubric was very helpful. Not only did it alert me to the fact that I had quite a few errors in my referencing, it also gave me useful tips for the overall presentation of my blog.

I read back over my blog and again found some more simple grammatical errors which I changed. I then revisited all my referencing and referred back to the APA 6th Referencing Guide (Curtin University, 2013). I found quite a few errors and tried to concentrate on ensuring each reference was in line with the Guide.

Having the opportunity for two peers to review my work  has allowed me the opportunity to correct simple errors, while in turn enhancing the quality of my blog. It highlighted the things I was already concerned with and gave me the opportunity to adjust and make changes.

Curtin University. (2013). APA 6th Referencing. Retrieved from

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