Week 8: Lifelong Learning

To be a teacher in today’s digital world I beleive it is necessary to embrace the concept of lifelong learning. The idea behind lifelong learning is to ensure that your learning continues throughout your life and does not stop at your degree. As a professional teacher I would need this continued learning to be capable of teaching children that are digitally native. This means challenging myself to think beyond what is already known, being aware of new technologies and innovations and being proactive in involving these concepts into digital pedagogies (Howell, 2012).


The idea that students become lifelong learners is new to me but a concept I agree with. The Department of Education and Training (2005) suggests that “learning how to learn has become a priority in education.” This is evident with the introduction of the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum. The Government has taken a National approach to education. This is to ensure that children are provided with stimulated learning environments and are included in the decisions about their learning. I have found that these collaborative learning environments are  being seen more often in classrooms.

As a teacher, it is necessary for me to set the foundation for digital learning through my digital pedagogy. I can then teach children the skills “to function as confident and capable learners who are able to think critically, creatively and effectively” (Department of Education and Training, 2005). In other words , ensure they become lifelong learners.

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