Week 7: Gaming

“Games facilitate learning, including the state of being called play.”(Stirling, 2013)


Digital Technology is becoming more and more prevalent within education. This is evident in the new Australian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). EYLF Outcome Five asks for educators to promote learning by providing and integrating a large range of technologies into Children’s play for fun and meaning (Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, 2009) while the Australian Curriculum builds on concepts, skills and processes developed in the EYLF (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, n.d).  Having implemented EYLF within a child care service, I have developed an understanding that educators plan their room curriculum’s around children’s interest and abilities. In today’s digital world what better way to meet EYLF Outcome Five then through the introduction of gaming.

There are many educational games available for parents to purchase or download for free on i Pads or android devices, but there is also the chance for children to create their own games. As I have come to realise, the learning opportunities in doing this are endless. They would be using cognitive skills, fine motor skills, social skills (if working in groups) not to mentions reaching necessary outcomes.

I created my own game using Sploder and although I thought I did not create it for educational purposes, when I actually played it, i became aware that I was using a range of skills. These included but were not limited to hand-eye coordination and concentration. With this came the realisation that gaming is beneficial for children to become competent digital learners in today’s society.

Link to my Sploder Game

Money Bags

Some links to games for children

Reading Eggs

Learning Games for Kids

Leap Frog

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