Week 6: Digital Fluency

As our society is one that is digitally expectant, that is we expect to be involved in digital technology (Howell, 2012) it is important that children are digitally fluent. This includes being competent in the basic use of programs like word, excel and web-searching. These are all programs that can be used within the classroom to complete individual and group projects (Howell, 2012).

dig expectant

The idea of learning these skills in the primary years is aimed at developing digital content creators and technology innovators (Howell, 2012). Without these skills it is possible children may lack the understanding necessary to be digitally fluent in secondary school and the workforce. This is because they are programs that are used everyday in our digital society. However, I have found that regular exposure to these programs can ensure the development of digital skills therefor enabling digital fluency.

Programs like Movie Maker and Scratch can help increase children’s creative digital fluency, as in order to complete the project they will be required to learn may new skills. Having experienced using these programs, I feel educators will need to break the steps down to ensure success for the students. However, they are a useful tool as they are a good motivator for learning as they are real, authentic and artefact (Howell, 2012).

I have created a scratch animation aged at children aged two or three to help them match animals and sounds. Click on the link below to have a look.

Scratch Animation


Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ITC, Digital pedagogies for collaboration and creativity. South Melbourne: Vic, Australia: Oxford University Press

Venter, N. (2014). Evolving Digital World [image]. Retrieved from http://www.pinterest.com/natascha20xo/evolving-digital-world/


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