Week 5: Pinterest


Within Early Childhood and Primary Education Pinterest is a tool that can be used as an engaging experience. It can help to develop interests and construct identities and understandings of the world. This can be achieved by children creating boards to pin ideas and pictures under different headings.

When children use this form of technology they can experience belonging and are able to be present in their learning while developing their identities, knowledge and understandings of who they are (Council of Australian Governments, 2009). This could be achieved through personal picture boards that display interests, achievements, abilities and goals. These boards would be an indication of where they are now, where they have come from  and where they are going.

Although some educators may have doubts as to whether Pinterst is appropriate for preschool children, this link Rules for Pinterest  makes it obvious that rules can made and usage monitored, to ensure successful use. The possibilities are endless and the creativity, imagination and inspiration that can come from this technology are endless.  As an educator “Pinning” may now become the new “planning and scaffolding” tool that is taken into my classroom on a regular basis.

Click on this link to sign up Pinterest   

or this link to see my own personal Digital World Pinterest Board. This displays the digital technology that is available to educators.

One Mum using ideas from Pinterest to educate her children

curriculum Related Link

Belonging, Being, Becoming. (2009).


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