Week 3: Cyber Bullying

cyberUnfortunately cyber bullying is going to be a part a child’s life whether it affects them directly or those close to them. With the constant introduction of new technology our society will continue to change at a rapid pace (Howell, 2012). As a parent I believe it is important to educate and be educated on risks and dangers, but also be vigilant. Being prepared can ensure cyber bullying (or any bullying for that matter) can be addressed before it consumes the child.

However, even if I do educate children on cyber bullying how can I monitor what is happening? Children these days use electronic devices like phone, iPods and iPads not only at home but at school and at friends places making it very difficult to follow what social networks they are on.

With this in mind it is important to find a way of controlling children’s digital usage but still allowing them to participate. Controlling the password or only allowing a certain amount of screen time are some ways to manage their digital usage. While this may work at home there is still the question as to what may work while they are away from home. There are no easy answers.

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